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These teachings appear in The Secret Doctrine, Vol. 3, ‘Some Papers on the Bearing of Occult Philosophy on Life’, 433-594. This third volume of The Secret Doctrine was published in 1897, six years after Madame Blavatsky’s death, by Annie Besant. Blavatsky had referred to such a work in preparation, and it appears that she was working on material up until her death (for a full account see Daniel H. Caldwell, ‘The Myth of the ‘Missing’ Third Volume of the The Secret Doctrine. Fellow Theosophists disputed the authenticity of the volume published by Besant and the volume is not generally accepted or reprinted. However, what concerns students of Yeats is the teaching he might have received in the Esoteric Section and ‘Pages 433-594 of that published volume consist of H. P. Blavatsky’s esoteric teachings given to members of her Esoteric Section or School during the years 1889-1891 and are not at issue.’ (Caldwell’s ‘The Myth of the ‘Missing’ Third Volume’.

Denis Donoghue’s notes in Memoirs slightly underplay the complexity of the system, giving only the planetary correspondences.

Also important in the group’s study was Rama Prasad’s The Science of Breath and the Philosophy of the Tatwas, translated from the Sanskrit, with ... explanatory essays on Nature’s Finer Forces (Theosophical Publishing Society: London, 1890), of which an online version is available.