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The ten-fold scheme affects the two Solar Faculties, and the Phases affected are the same for both Creative Mind and Body of Fate, though because of the way that their influence is derived, they come from different Phases.

Draft forms, where different, are put in brackets.

Phase GroupCreative Mind fromcharacterBody of Fate fromcharacter
28-1-2 2-1-28Controlled 16-15-14Joy
3-4-5-6 27-26-25-24Transformatory (revolutionary) 13-12-11-10Breathing (aspiration)
7-8-9 23-22-21Mathematical9-8-7Tumult
10-11-12 20-19-18Intellectually passionate 6-5-4Tension
13 17Stillness3Disease
14-15-16 16-15-14Emotional 2-1-28The World
17-18-19-20 13-12-11-10Emotionally passionate 27-26-25-24Sorrow
21-22-23 9-8-7Rational 23-22-21Ambition
24 6Obedient 20Success
25-26-27 3-4-5Serenity 19-18-17Absorption

As Yeats notes, these came to him in this rather asymmetrical form, on 27 and 28 October 1918 (see YVP 2 97-102) along with other forms of classification, and later written up in a notebook (YVP 3 201 & 207), tabulated along with characterisations of the Cycles of incarnation and the actions of the Principles, which were not included in A Vision. Since the two Faculties involved are Solar, a twelve-fold division would have been more logical and this is the only form of ten-fold division that reached publication. It does, however, show certain links with attempts to marry the System with the Cabbalists’s Tree of Life.



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