I dare say I delude myself in thinking this book my book of books.
W. B. Yeats to T. Werner Laurie, 27 July 1924


The following headings give the major areas covered on this site. The first group covers the themes of the System in the two versions of A Vision and the preparatory drafts, and they are arranged in progressive order of complexity, as far as is possible. Each page starts with a general view and then moves on to more involved issues in the course of the treatment, again as far as is possible, so that readers who do not want so much depth can read the first few screens, while those who want more detail can go further. The second group looks at the surrounding context and issues. The contemporary reviews collect the majority of the reviews of the version of 1925, A Packet for Ezra Pound, and the version of 1937. The last group offers apparatus and links. The site map gives a fuller picture of the site as a whole.

An Overview of Yeats and A Vision

A General Introduction

Gyres and Geometry

The Tinctures

The Phases of the Moon

The Human Being

     The Faculties

     The Wheel

     The Principles

Life and the After-life

     The Daimon

History and the Great Year

The Place of the Divine

A Glossary of Special Terms related to A Vision

The Two Editions of A Vision

The Fictions of the Two Editions of A Vision

Automatic Script

Other Esoteric and Occult Systems

Laurie's Prospectus for A Vision

T. Werner Laurie's Prospectus for Subscribers for the 1925 version of A Vision. The 1937 version, published by Macmillan, and which is significantly different, had a print-run of 1,500.

Contemporary Reviews




Site Map


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See also the new essay collection W. B. Yeats's "A Vision": Explications and Contexts, edited by Neil Mann, Matthew Gibson, and Claire Nally (Clemson University, 2012).
This title is available for free download from Clemson University Digital Press.

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