Phase One

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The attributes of the Faculties when Will is at Phase 1derived frommodified byfromdescription
Will No description except complete plasticity 1 
MaskTrue beauty 15BF 1 plasticity
False beauty CM 15 beauty
Creative MindTrue plasticity 1BF 15 beauty
False plasticity FCM 1 plasticity
Body of Fate beauty 15 
Composite of Faculties
true None except complete plasticity.
falsenone possible, since ‘all, highest and lowest, are alike in being automatic’.
The disposition of the FacultiesAttributes of Phase 1affectsmodifies
Will No description except complete plasticity 1 
Mask 15
Creative Mind 1
Body of Fate 1

See AV B 105, 183-84 & 96.

Yeats’s description of the phase from A Vision

This is a supernatural incarnation, like Phase 15, because there is complete objectivity, and human life cannot be completely objective. At Phase 15 mind was completely absorbed by being, but now body is completely absorbed in its supernatural environment. The images of mind are no longer irrelevant even, for there is no longer anything to which they can be relevant, and acts can no longer be immoral or stupid, for there is no one there that can be judged. Thought and inclination, fact and object of desire, are indistinguishable (Mask is submerged in Body of Fate, Will in Creative Mind), that is to say, there is complete passivity, complete plasticity. Mind has become indifferent to good and evil, to truth and falsehood; body has become undifferentiated, dough-like; the more perfect be the soul, the more indifferent the mind, the more dough-like the body; and mind and body take whatever shape, accept whatever image is imprinted upon them, transact whatever purpose is imposed upon them, are indeed the instruments of supernatural manifestation, the final link between the living and more powerful beings. There may be great joy; but it is the joy of a conscious plasticity; and it is this plasticity, this liquefaction, or pounding up, whereby all that has been knowledge becomes instinct and faculty. All plasticities do not obey all masters, and when we have considered cycle and horoscope it will be seen how those that are the instruments of subtle supernatural will differ from the instruments of cruder energy; but all, highest and lowest, are alike in being automatic.

(AV B 183-84)

Symbol of Phase 1: ‘naked man with out stretched hands tied to swinging branch of tree ‘obsessing figure’ not [?luminous] like tree images. Snake coiled round feet.’ (see YVP 3 400-01)

See the Cardinal Phases.

The Faculties

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