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Overview of W. B. Yeats and A Vision


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The After-life



Automatic Script

Bardesan’s ‘Hymn of the Soul’, text


William Blake

Blake’s ‘The Mental Traveller’, text
Buying A Vision
Cabbala’s Four Worlds

Cardinal Phases & Triads

Mohini Chatterjee
Chronology of Yeats’s Life


The Daimon

The Daimon’s Precursors

The Two Editions of A Vision

Editions of A Vision on sale
The End of the Cycle: A Vision A and ‘Michael Robartes Foretells’, texts

The Esoteric Context

The Faculties

The Fictions


God and the Divine

The Golden Dawn

The Gyres and Geometry

The Hermetic Society

History and the Great Year

The Yeatses’ Horoscopes

The Human Being


The 28 Incarnations

General Introduction

The Judwalis

Kusta ben Luka

Alan Leo and the Yeatses’ Charts

Life and After


The Lunation Cycle in Astrology

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The Mansions of the Moon
Notes on ‘The Double Vision of Michael Robartes’
Notes on ‘The Second Coming’

Overview of W. B. Yeats and A Vision

The Phases of the Moon

Phase Symbols
Phase Wheel
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Phase 28
‘The Philosophy of Shelley’s Poetry’ (1900), text
Plotinus and the Principles

The Principles

Prospectus for A Vision (1925), text
The Quarters
The First Quarter
The Second Quarter
The Third Quarter
The Fourth Quarter

Reviews of A Vision, texts

Robartes & Aherne

The Second Coming, text and notes

Seven Propositions

Tenfold divisions



The Thirteenth Cone

The Tinctures

True and False Faculties

Twelvefold divisions

Vedanta & Indian Philosophy

Waxing and Waning Fortnights

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The Wheel

Minor notes
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Where to buy a copy of A Vision
Astrological Aspects
Aspects in the Yeatses’ Horoscopes (symbols)
Aspects in the Yeatses’ Horoscopes (words)
The I Ching
Leopardi, ‘Infinite things desired’, text
Pessoa, ‘In the shadow of Mount Abiegnos’, text
Notes on Numbers and Precision
The third volume of The Secret Doctrine
Besant’s The Seven Principles of Man